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Pool House Ideas and Designs For You

It’s time to transform your boring outdoor space into a living area to be proud of. You have the backyard, the pool, and the dream; now it’s time to make things happen! A custom-made pool house is exactly what you are looking for to upgrade your backyard into something you would see on the cover of a magazine. Miller’s Mini Barns is here to find the perfect fit for your perfect pool house design.

Poolside pavilion by guesthouse

Some benefits of having your very own backyard pool house:

  • Pool supplies and accessories will be out of the way.
  • It will help keep your home clean and floors dry.
  • It can be a convenient area for you and your guests to socialize.
  • It will provide a comfortable place to change, get cleaned up, and dry off.
Pavilion by the pool

Pool House Ideas:

Guest House

A pool house can take on many different designs. A pool house that doubles as a guest house usually will have normal house amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen, living area, and a bedroom. The secret to creating a beautiful guest house/ pool house is utilizing the out space as much as possible. An outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen, or even outdoor dining can transform a normal-looking house into a paradise.

bar and big-screen TV in poolside pavilion

Bar Space

Now, who doesn’t love a margarita by the pool? You and your guests will get much use out of a pool bar. What’s more, a pool house with a bar will also provide you with extra storage space for drinks. A bar space will also be a nice space to hang out when you are not using the pool; this space can be used even during the cold months!

Pavilion storage shed combo by the pool

Storage Space

When people usually think of a pool house, they are thinking of a storage shed. Who is to say this wouldn’t benefit you?

Whether it be pool equipment, an overflow of your attic/basement, or extra furniture, a pool house is a perfect place to hide things behind closed doors. No one wants clutter to take up space in their house or backyard. This is where a pool house comes into play.

Playroom by the pool


Whether you are looking into a small pool house or a big one, a playhouse would make the best getaway for kids. Imagine being able to have quiet in your house? Although that thought seems like a fantasy, it can become a reality. Having a detached play space can open up your home to new and CLEAN possibilities.

Poolside changing room and pavilion

Place for After-Pool Cleanup

The general idea for pool house designs is for a space to shower and clean up after a good time in the pool. Some people even place a washer and dryer into this house to help with cleanup. Being able to shower, change, and dry off in a space that isn’t your house will help your homestay as clean as possible for longer.

Poolhouse gazebo by the lake

Pool House Plans:

Miller’s Mini Barns offers countless options to create your very own dream pool house! Not only does Miller’s have pool house floor plans that’ll fit your needs already drawn up, but they can customize the look of the building to match perfectly with your current backyard. Miller’s Mini Barns builds prefab pool houses right into your backyard while you get to sit back, relax, and look forward to your newly designed space.

As Summer is approaching, it is the perfect time to start your process of getting your very own pool house shed! A pool house is a perfect place to entertain family and guests while also showing off your beautiful backyard. Work with Miller’s Mini Barns to create a space that will help you enjoy your backyard while also being able to sit and relax. Get into contact with Miller’s soon as the warm weather is on its way!

Pavilion by the pool