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Summer…Summer…Summertime! Time for outdoor living and outdoor cooking. The summer months are the perfect time to come out of the winter cocoon, relax in the adirondack chairs and stretch our legs in the grass amongst our newly planted gardens. It’s the perfect time of year for a visit to Miller’s Mini Barns to find your new outdoor smoker and grill.

The latest selection of Kamado Joe and Silver Rocket grills and smokers will certainly fill the outdoor gourmet’s needs. Let’s talk about the different kinds of outdoor grills.

Miller’s Mini Barns has six versions of the Silver Rocket grills including ones with cabinets that come with a choice of granite or stainless steel countertops. These grills are perfect for the backyard chef cooking for larger gatherings and are built to last right here in Indiana.

The Silver Rocket selection of grills includes:

  • Small, medium or large Silver Rocket
  • Silver Rocket Tailgater
  • Silver Rocket Smoker/Baker
  • And the Silver Rocket with cabinets

Silver Rocket outdoor grills and smokers offer a full line of cabinets to complete an outdoor kitchen and also offer a host of attachments and add-ons like the cold smoker attachment, baking stones, and heat deflectors that make the art of using a Silver Rocket Outdoor Grill and Smoker a upscale grilling experience.In the Kamado Joe ceramic grills, there are five options to choose from. Ceramic grills replicate the experience of cooking in a wood-fired oven and are designed for even air flow and the equal distribution of heat. The Kamado Joe grills are based on Asian traditions of cooking in wood fired ovens or over charcoal.

The Kamado Joe Grill options include:

  • Big Joe® II and Big Joe® III
  • Classic II and Classic III and the
  • Joe Jr.® with cast iron stand

The Joe Jr. is the most portable of the Kamado Joe outdoor smoker/grill collection.

The outdoor grilling and smoker options are varied and offer cooks a range of choices to enhance your flavor experience or to bring a greater ease of use in the process of using a grill. Smokers offer cooks the chance to get deep rich flavorful foods with the ease of being able to control the heat setting allowing for longer cooking times and a more tender finished product. In smokers, as well as in grills, the charcoal or wood-smoked product vs. electric is a personal decision based upon the needs and concerns of the buyer. For some the electric grill is about ease and for others it is about mediating potential exposure to harmful chemicals.

In outdoor meat smokers as opposed to standard outdoor grills the ability to replenish heat sources tends to be an easier process as the items being prepped are separated from the heat source by a chamber that allows the cook to access the ash, empty and refill without disturbing the food. Grills typically house the charcoal under the grilling food without access to change or add during the cooking process.

Whether you choose a Silver Rocket grilling/smoking system or one of the Kamado ceramic grills, the experience in your backyard will be unmatched. Both offer superior and deeply flavorful cooking options and limited lifetime guarantees on each product.

The Silver Rocket Grill Video