Classic A- Cottage – MMB10045

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Escape to Tranquility: Unveiling the Classic A-Frame Cottage – A Serene Haven Awaits Yearning for a place to escape the chaos of everyday life? Look no further than our Classic A-Frame Cottage, meticulously designed to create an ambiance of serenity that will transport you to a world of leisure and relaxation. Measuring 12 x 24 feet, this charming retreat presents a seamless blend of sophistication and practicality.
Boasting Burnished Slate trim and Clay siding, this eye-catching beauty ensures your cottage stands out with its elegant appeal. The Burnished Slate metal roof adds an element of durability, promising longevity and protection against the harshest environments, while serving as a timeless adornment atop your tranquil getaway.
Through the four stately 24 x 36 windows, natural light spills into the space, perfectly complemented by the carefully crafted shutters. Let the allure of the 12′ dormer captivate you, equipped with transom windows in both the dormer and doors. These design features flood your cottage with radiance, creating an inviting haven to relax and recharge.
Rest easy knowing that we prioritize your security and comfort. The vapor barrier on the roof acts as a shield against moisture, ensuring a worry-free sanctuary. Furthermore, the heavy-duty door lock offers peace of mind, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the unparalleled tranquility that our Classic A-Frame Cottage provides.
Embark on a journey to solace and make memories that will last a lifetime in your very own Classic A-Frame Cottage.