Harbor 44″ x 96″ Rectangular Table



  • Umbrellas *

    32lb. Square Umbrella Base
    40″ Umbrella Extension Pole
    44″ Umbrella Extension Pole
    9′ Umbrella
  • Umbrella Fabric Color *

    Blend Coal
    Canvas Seasalt
    Canvas Skyline
    Dip Dye Chickadee
    Gateway Indigo
    Heritage Char
    Lively Parchment
    Lively Sage
    Marvel Cloud
    Marvel Indigo
    Marvel Sage
    Pique Coal
    Pique Gravel
    Remix Camel
    Remix Parchment
    Remix Silk
    Sail Away Aloe
    Tranquil Camel
    Tranquil Linen
    Tranquil Sage
    Array Dune*
    Bahia Brick
    Bahia Mist
    Bahia Saffron
    Bereson Tuxedo
    BG Stripe Tropical
    Blend Linen
    Blend Sand
    Brannon Redwood
    Calm Graphite*
    Calm Laurel*
    Canvas Aruba
    Canvas Black
    Canvas Capri
    Canvas Ginkgo
    Canvas Granite
    Canvas Heather Beige
    Canvas Henna
    Canvas Jocky Red
    Canvas Natural
    Canvas Navy
    Canvas True Blue
    Cast Coral
    Cast Horizon
    Cast Lagoon
    Cast Sage
    Cast Slate
    Comfort Pebble
    Cultivate Stone
    Depth Indigo*
    Dolce Oasis
    Dupione Celeste
    Dupione Deep Sea
    Gateway Mist
    Infused Gem*
    Iona Alabaster
    Iona Spa
    Milano Char
    Nurture Charcoal
    Nurture Driftwood
    Nurture Haze
    Nurture Laurel
    Nurture Pebble
    Nurture Shale
    Nurture White
    Paradigm Stone
    Payton Granite
    Ponder Spa
    Surround Sunrise
    Token Surfside
    Trusted Coast


  • *

    Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner
    Heavy Duty Xtreme Clean
    Mildew Stain Remover
    Water Repel

Product total

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Grand total


Distinct angles on the base of this table create an elegant dining experience. Enhance this table with complementary Mayhew chairs.

At Millers Mini Barns all of our modern outdoor furniture is made of 95% recycled content in Berlin, OH by Berlin Gardens. Our poly-lumber furniture is strong, comfortable, and stylish. Easy care and durability, even in harsh weather conditions, make this furniture a wise and responsible choice. Create a lifestyle of spending more time outdoors with your family and friends. Choose from our wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes.

  • Available in regular and natural finishes
  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Smooth feel with no splinters
  • No cracking or splitting
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • 95% Recycled content
  • Color permeated, UV stabilized
  • Rust-free fasteners
  • Minimal face fasteners

Dining Height 44″ W X 98.75″ L X 30.375″ H

Counter Height  44″ W X 98.75″ L X 35.625″ H

Bar Height  44″ W X 98.75″ L X 38.875″ H

  • Hammered Finish – Just like our standard poly-lumber, Hammered Finish is made from recycled milk jugs and is durable, all-weather, and low maintenance. Emulating hand-hammered steel and copper, this finish lends a very aesthetic, distinctive, appealing look to the tops of dining tables.

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